Waiting to Exhale: Top Shot Gets At Least One More Season

Caleb reports that all you Colby groupies can relax ’cause there’s gonna be at least one more season of Top Shot. And if you’ve been one of the faithful, you’ll see some familiar faces because the production company’s decided to go with an all-star format for season five. Guess this means my application’s found its way to the circular file, huh? Oh well. Our money’s on some of the more, well, interesting past contestants making a re-appearance. People like Jake Zweig from season three and Tara Poremba from season one. Colby threw up a puff of white smoke via the Twitters to announce the show’s new lease on life: #TOPSHOT is comin’ back BABY! Bring on the ALL STARS! Aw yeah.. Lemme know which of your faves should get a shot at the ultimate title! Is it possible to tweet with both hands permanently affixed to your hips?