Question of the Day: What’s Your Summer Carry Solution?

Summer may not start for a few more weeks, but this being Memorial Day weekend with warmer temperatures, pools opening up and lots of people starting to expose more skin than they really have a right to (remember, Speedos and bikinis are a privilege, not a right), concealed carriers need to make some changes. Plenty of toters will continue with the tried and true, going IWB with an untucked shirt. I’m testing out a N8² Tactical Professional (above), hauling my CW9 around. It’s been surprisingly comfy in shorts, even directly against bare skin with just a baggy t-shirt or polo providing cover. Others take a similar route with a Remora. Lots o’ gunnies, though, can’t abide IWB. Some will go the hip-hugging pancake route. Others basically say, “screw it,” opting for a mouse gun in the pocket of their cargo shorts (tucked snugly in an appropriate pocket holster, natch.) What about you? What’s your hot weather solution? IWB, pancake, pocket carry or *gasp* au naturale?