Popular Mechanics Wants You to Eat More Pig

The latest from popularmechanics.com is a list of “5 Invasive Species You Should be Eating.” Turns out you can help save the planet by dining on some tasty critters. As long as you don’t mind one of them being a giant rat. But not all the listees are exotic invaders. In fact, it probably won’t surprise most of you that PopMech’s big five includes wild boar and feral pigs. Who’s not down for some baby back boar ribs? We know it won’t take much convincing to get Tyler and Nick out there, doing their part to help save the crops in Texas hill country. Not to mention South Georgia. And if you’re gonna bag you some bacon . . .

You’ll want to be well-equipped. In fact, you might want to consider a state of the art thermal scope from ATN. Yeah, that’s a lot of shekels to plunk down (almost twelve grand for the 640 – but their base model’s only $5,500!), but you didn’t really want that bass boat anyway, right?

So you can make darned sure one of their ThOR scopes is just the ticket for your nocturnal predatory activity, they’ve set up a cool simulator that lets you, well, simulate exactly what the 640 2.5X scope can do when the sun don’t shine. If you need to rationalize the purchase, tell yourself it’s your duty maximize your invasive species eradication capacity. For the good of the planet. For the children. Or for the farmers. And to fill your freezer.