Orlando Sentinel Profiles George Zimmerman’s PF-9

There’s not a lot that’s newsworthy going on in the Trayvon Martin case these days. George Zimmerman’s out on bail and, you’d have to assume, preparing for his trial with his attorneys. With so little happening in such a high profile case, what’s a news organization to do? Well, orlandosentinel.com decided to fill up some column inches with an exposé of the gun Zimmerman was carrying that dark and stormy night, a Kel Tec PF-9. Somehow they managed to get through the entire piece without asking the gun what it thinks about its role in history . . .

They do get the impressions of a number of people, though, like someone who actually makes PF-9s for Kel Tec.

“I like the way it feels. I like the way it shoots. It’s comfortable in my hand,” said Nikki Epps, a supervisor who works on the Kel-Tec assembly line and has used one for three years.

As the author notes ominously, the gun was designed to be hidden.

“It is not a police-duty gun. It is not a target pistol. It is not made for hunting,” said Sean Caranna, executive director of Florida Carry, a nonprofit group that lobbies for the right of gun owners to carry sidearms in the open. “It is a self-defense firearm.”

Translation: It’s designed to shoot people at short range.

Problem with that?