OMG OMG! There are Legal Guns! In California! OMG!

KCBS in Baghdad by the Bay has a shocking expose on a gaping loophole in California’s gun control laws. It seems that while you can’t own a rifle that will allow a user to use his finger to release and change a magazine, it’s A-OK if your long gun requires a tool to do it. Gunmakers, being the resourceful lot that they are, have created “bullet buttons.” To drop a mag, all you need to do is use the business end of a cartridge to poke the little release in the middle what would normally be the magazine release button on the gun in any other state in the union . . .

It must be a slow news day in the Bay Area. This isn’t anything new. Which may help to explain why the station’s crack investigative reporter couldn’t manage to get a local cop to go on camera to confirm that bullet buttons are legal. Even the state’s doyenne of gun control, Di Fi herself, couldn’t be bothered to decry the impending carnage and hemoglobin in the streets if this legislative gap isn’t plugged tout de suite.

Somehow the power of the market – not to mention the continual innovation and creativity of companies trying to make a buck – never ceases to amaze the gun controllers. And if legal gunmakers keep finding legitimate ways around the the regulatory roadblocks thrown up in front of them, why do gun-grabbers think ever more laws that keep guns out of the hands of responsible citizens will be at all effective in reducing the number of heaters available to the bad guys?