Makin’ Bacon: LMT’s “Pig Packgage” MWS .308

If hogs run wild where you are and filling the freezer with baby backs and Boston butts sounds tempting, Lewis Machine and Tool has just the gun for you. LMT has co-branded a modular .308 with their paid spokesdude, Brian “Pig Man” Quaca. Bri, if you’re unaware, has a show on the Sportsman Channel, Pig Man: The Series. “Willing to take a hog by any legal means necessary, Pig Man scours the globe in search of huge pigs and various wild game with a vision to bring nothing short of the best entertainment into the living rooms of outdoorsmen and women across the nation.” OK then. Anyway, besides some cool tacticalia, the Pig Package rifle includes an engraved Leupold VX-R HIG 1.25 – 4 x 20 mm FireDot Pig Plex scope. All for an MSRP of $3,488.96. Press release after the jump . . .

MILAN, IL (May 2012) – Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law enforcement, commercial manufacturers and responsible civilians, in keeping with their exclusive endorsement deal with Brian “Pig Man” Quaca’s Sportsman Channel’s television show, Pig Man: The Series, is now making the “Pig Package” available to gun enthusiasts everywhere.

The Pig Package is a LMT® Signature Model MWS .308 with a 16″ chrome-lined barrel in a 1:10″ twist. Other features include a SOPMOD Buttstock, two-stage trigger group, and an ambi-selector and ambi-mag release. Proudly displaying an engraved “Pig Man” logo on the lower, the weapon system also comes complete with an engraved Leupold VX-R HIG 1.25 – 4x20mm FireDot Pig Plex with a Mark 2 IMS mount. It ships with a sling, manual, tactical adjustable rear sight and tactical front sight, one 20-round magazine, two heavy-duty push button swivels, a torque/wrench/driver and three rail panels. MSRP is $3,488.96.

“I knew straight out of the gate that LMT® folks were serious players,” Brian Quaca commented.  “These are the weapons residing in the hands of our US men and women on the front lines across the world, and if it’s dependable and accurate enough to defend our freedom, I have no hesitation dusting a few dozen pigs with it in the field.”  The Brian “Pig Man” Quaca story plays out on the Sportsman Channel where his rough and tough hunting lifestyle entertains viewers with a different take on a traditional hunting television show.

Leupold’s “Pig Man: The Series”, The Sportsman Channel
Look for Pig Man with his LMT® .308 Modular Weapon system broadcast into 30+ million homes across the country every Tuesday at 2:00 a.m. CST, Thursday at 6:30 a.m. CST, Friday at 11:00 p.m. CST and Sunday at 12:30 p.m. CST and 9:00 p.m. CST.