Kim Rhode Knows How to Handle Her Perazzi

Comparing my shotgun skills to what Kim Rhode does is like comparing the fat ladies in the pool swaying to waterobics to Michael Phelps. But you don’t have to be a crack shot to appreciate what she does. Rhode won Olympic gold back in Atlanta in double trap. When the IOC scrapped that event for women after Athens she figured, what the hell, let’s try skeet . . .

You break orange frisbees in both, so why not? That’s kinda like a high jumper switching to show jumping. “On the first day of skeet competition at last month’s World Cup held at the Olympic venue in London, Rhode missed an unaccustomed three of her first 25 targets in blustery rain and wind, but rallied the next day to take a bronze medal. Last March, she hit 75 of 75 in qualifying to set a world record.”

In London, she’ll be trying to become the first American to medal in and individual sport in five Olympic games. We’ll be watching.