HuffPo Deals Romney Campaign an Early Death Blow!

Are the folks at HuffPo a little short on content these days? Sure seems so, if this is the only nit they can find to pick off of Mitt Romney’s back. They’re tee-hee’ing at a minor (and grammatically defensible) sentence structure faux pas with the breathless headline, Mitt Romney Website FAIL: Alarming Typo On Gun Rights Stance. Quick, somebody call the FBI! The Mittster wants fascist gun-toters to hunt and shoot their own families! Now that Arianna doesn’t have to worry about all those other AOL properties any more, maybe she can put in some serious Google time and get her people something worthwhile about which to write ’cause this is just sad. You go, girl.

19 Responses to HuffPo Deals Romney Campaign an Early Death Blow!

  1. avatarAdam says:

    Hey–the dog with diarrhea, on the rooftop carrier was getting tired.

  2. avatarWiebelhaus says:

    Please don’t be roped into the back and forth nonsense and turn this blog into political commentary, I come here to see stuff about firearms. In a way to escape all the politics.

  3. avatarMatt in FL says:

    This doesn’t pass the “reasonable man” test. Nine out of ten people reading that sentence would interpret it exactly how it was meant. The whole article is stupid.

    Of course, I expect not much more from HuffPo.

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      It doesn’t even pass the “reasonable grammarian” test. The phrasing is ambiguous, and can be parsed incorrectly, but it’s not grammatically incorrect.

    • avatarTotenglocke says:

      No reasonable person reads the Huffington Joke unless they’re A) going there to posts comments about how factually inaccurate the article is or B) they were directed there to see what new lies the Huffington Joke is telling.

  4. avatarRobert says:

    You would think smug, self righteous, superior leftists would know what an Oxford comma was.

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      Those of us who are actually superior do.

    • avatarRopingdown says:

      You would think they knew it was a mistake to re-broadcast Mitt’s clear statement, which expresses a policy currently favored by a majority of likely voters. I know many are skeptical of the statements I made here months ago on Mitt’s 2A position. I hope this reassures people, and motivates them to get to the polls in November.

      • avatarHenry Bowman says:

        With how many times this guy has changed his position on this issuan so many others, why are you convinced he’s sincere about anything?

        Everything he says is based solely on political expediency.

  5. avatarMark says:

    That’ll change when they ask him tomorrow.

  6. avatarGS650G says:

    Nice to see HuffPo doing tough investigative work over there. The Obama administration is so perfect there is nothing to see , just move along.

  7. avatarRalph says:

    Hey, wait a minute. I thought HuffBlow was owned by AOL, not the DNC. Did I miss the memo?

  8. avatarSilver says:

    Well, to be honest, gun-grabbers DO want people to shoot their families. Gives them great blood to dance in to further their agenda.

    But, yeah, big surprise; the official “news” outlet of leftist airheads has nothing of substance to say. Do they ever?

  9. avatarbontai Joe says:

    I answer people that ask that I read the Huffington Post so I know what my enemy is thinking. Apparently not much thinking occured over there today.

  10. avatarMatt Gregg says:

    The funniest part is that that whole sentence is a plain lie.

  11. Gun Sales Rise, As Gun Owners Now Fear MITT ROMNEY

    Mitt Romney as “Massachusetts governor for raising taxes on guns by 400%”
    Gun Owners of American (GOA) rate Mitt Romney D-
    Romney endorsement by Anti-Gun senators

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