Fresnian Crafts Lead Launching Super Soaker Shotty

“A California man was arrested after authorities discovered the “Super Soaker” water gun he was wearing around his neck had been turned into a working shotgun.” reports. Are there no limits to the lengths people will go to protest California’s open carry laws? Be that as it may, it looks like the Fresno PD has themselves a pretty good intelligence operation. The boys in blue who stopped Randy Smith with this contraption “had been recently briefed on people turning toys into working weapons.” What are the odds? Anyway, Randy used about $30 and a little sticktoitiveness to fashion himself a cute little 20 ga. zip gun. But be warned: “The firearms cartridge with the gun powder is an explosive. The device they’re building has to be able to contain the pressure of that explosion,” (gun store guy Bill) Mayfield told KMPH. “So they’re just relying on, maybe this will hold up. Well, you could be putting a gun next to your head, or you could be putting a hand grenade next to your head.” Words of wisdom, no doubt.