Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Senior Semper Fi Edition

“Pierre was asleep in his bedroom, and his stepfather, Marco, was asleep on the couch when they heard a loud bang. It was the robbers kicking in the door that leads from the garage into the kitchen.” Pierre (he didn’t want to be ID’d in the story) was in a hallway when the two home invaders got to him, armed with nothing more intimidating than a wooden coat hanger. Fortunately Marco, his 62-year-old ex-Marine wasn’t far behind him . . .

Marco, a Marine veteran, then came up behind the robbers with a .357 Magnum revolver.

He shot one round at the two suspects, which missed and lodged in a wall.

As the men retreated into the bedroom, Marco fired another round, which hit one of the intruders in the leg.

The intruders broke through the bedroom window and fled the scene.

The goblin with the leaky leg eventually flagged down a cop, figuring it was better to face the music and get treatment than bleed out. His partner in crime is still on the lam. Moral of the story: having a Marine vet in the house can be pretty handy at times. So can a .357 revolver.