Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Mexican Standoff Edition

“I felt something going like this pushing on my head and I did not move and all of a sudden he pushed harder, and I opened my eyes and I said ‘what are you doing here?’” Ed Gischer was laying in bed looking up at a burglar pressing the barrel of a gun to his head. The burglar ripped the gold chain from his neck, dropping a gold cross on the floor. When the masked man reached for the the sparkly stuff, that gave the 69-year-old Gischer an opportunity . . .

He leaned over and grabbed a pistol from under his nightstand.

“I stood up and put it to his head.  I said ‘now we have both got a gun.  Now one of us is going to die or you get the hell out’ and he said ‘I’m going’ and took off.”

Nary a shot was fired. We’re not sure we’d have been as patient and offered the guy with the gun pointed our way the option Mr. Gischer did. But we’re happy all ended well.