Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Man of the Cloth Edition

While it may be a virtue, Pastor Anthony Jobe isn’t a patient man when it comes to protecting himself, his family and his property. He woke up Monday morning to the sounds of someone trying to kick in a door to his Ft. Worth home. As tells it, “a confrontation ensued.” That’s one way to put it . . .

Upon seeing the alleged intruder, a confrontation ensued, ending with Jobe shooting the man with his handgun.

“That’s unfortunate, shooting pastor, I know,” Jobe said. “… I shoot more as a hobby and I like to go to the gun range, but this is unfortunate that this happened like this, but you have to do what you have to do to protect your family.”

Can I get an amen? Only Pastor Jobe may have gone a little farther than was strictly necessary to protect his family. The leaking lurker took off in a car but was later tracked down by Johnny Law.

Police recovered the car involved in the incident and discovered two bullet holes in the car. Investigators questioned and released two other suspects found with the car.

The good pastor may not have, you know, stopped firing when there was no longer a threat. Like when the door-kicker was speeding away in his car. We’ll see what the local prosecutor has to say about all that. In the mean time, the man of God can thank the heavens above that he lives in the Lone Star State rather than, say, the Bay State.