CSGV Covers Ears and Shouts, “LA LA LA LA LA”

Some truths just aren’t self evident enough. Especially not to an unreconstructed gun grabber like Ladd Everitt. Laddy, spox for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is having a little trouble processing the whole Fast and Furious thing. Sure, it’s been documented that US Border Patroller Brian Terry was killed by narco-traffickers using a couple of F&F guns. Oh, and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, too. Let’s also not forget the hundreds of Mexican citizens blown away on the other side of the border using Fast and Furious enabled weaponry. We thought all the reporting and testimony given by such noted gun lobby shills as the Los Angeles Times, Mexico’s Attorney General, Ken Melson and even Eric Holder would have been enough to allay any doubts about how the “botched sting operation” has the ATF, FBI and the Main Justice ankle deep in hemoglobin . . .

We thought so, but we were wrong. We obviously didn’t count on Everitt’s Baghdad Bob-like powers of denial. In fact if you were comparing Everitt’s ability to shut his eyes, plug his ears and scream loudly to that famous river in Egypt, the real deal would be but a pathetic little trickle when held up against the CSGV mouthpiece.

Laddy boy seems to have the best interests of journalism at heart when he advises the Daily Caller on its standards and practices.

Coalition spokesman Ladd Everitt argued that there was no evidence for The Daily Caller to report that “[t]here are hundreds of Mexican citizens who were murdered with weapons the Obama administration gave to cartels through Fast and Furious and two American law enforcement officers — Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata — were killed with Fast and Furious guns.”

We have to admit that relying on the public pronouncements of government officials and mainstream media reports is an iffy proposition no matter the subject. But you’d think that when they’re forced – despite their best efforts – to fess up about not only the existence of but also the death toll resulting from the Obama Administration’s biggest scandal and an all around cluster, the deadly aftermath of Fast and Furious probably isn’t a figment of anyone’s fevered imagination. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

Terry’s and Zapata’s deaths a direct result of the ATF “sting”?

Everitt argued that he didn’t think there is “actual trace and ballistics evidence to prove that conclusively.”

And when TheDC presented Everitt with video of Holder’s own admission that the death toll from Fast and Furious weapons will likely increase, he scoffed.

Prominent Mexicans (not to mention hundreds of innocents caught in the crossfire) offed using guns the ATF let walk over the border?

He also attacked the Los Angeles Times for reporting that Mexican prosecutor Patricia Gonzalez’s brother was murdered with a gun trafficked to Mexico through Operation Fast and Furious. Gonzalez, according to the LA Times, believes the “basic ineptitude” of Obama administration officials responsible for Fast and Furious “caused the death of my brother and surely thousands more victims.”

“The LA Times reporting is interesting, but it provides only circumstantial — and sometimes contradictory — evidence,” Everitt told TheDC, “because there is still no trace and ballistics data to link any Fast & Furious gun to any specific murder.”

The LA Times has also reported that Mexican congressman Humberto Benitez Trevino “said the number of people killed or wounded by the weapons [from Fast and Furious] had probably doubled to 300 since March, when he said confidential information held by Mexican security authorities put the figure at 150.”

Everitt also balked at this claim. “It’s unclear how he came to that estimate,” he told TheDC. “He does not say.”

It must be hard when the very anti-gunners in government you’d been counting on to back your cause manage to hurt the it by screwing up so monumentally. Not to mention doing so in a way that only makes the gun violence problem worse on both sides of the border. Much easier, then, to just pretend the whole thing was no biggie, fix your gaze straight ahead and keep marching on.

We can only imagine the scene at the Everitt dinner table when mom and dad broke it to little Laddy that they were, in fact, Santa Claus and that the Easter Bunny had nothing to do with all those pretty pink and green eggs. Illusions die hard sometimes.