Public Funds Subsidize MAIG Anti-Gun Operatives

Sure, anti-2A organizations are in turns annoying, laughable, ineffectual (especially given recent trends) and frequently pathetic. But hey, they have a right to exist and express their rights-challenged POV. Free speech and all that. Agree or not, it’s a free country, right? But what if you were forced to fund their advocacy efforts? What if your tax dollars were being appropriated to pay the people who are working to make your ability to own and carry a gun as onerous and difficult as possible? Well buckle up, Bunky, because you are. Thanks to a little digging by Sean Caranna at, it turns out that the city of Orlando subsidizes one of Bloomy’s MAIG operatives in a position the city lists as a Mayors Against Illegal Guns Regional Coordinator. Caranna’s found these positions salted into city payrolls all over the country and lists the “coordinators” he’s uncovered. So far. Check out the list at the link, above, and hold onto your wallet.