Chris Dumm: I Was Wrong About The Caracal’s Accuracy


I’m not sure how I goofed, but I goofed when I described the Caracal 9C’s accuracy as ‘unimpressive’ and placed some blame on its ‘disappointing’ trigger. Ralph’s review shows that the Caracal 9C is more accurate than what I experienced and described in my own review . . .

Maybe I didn’t find its favorite ammo, or maybe I wasn’t using the proper trigger technique. Maybe I just sucked that day when it came to deliberate, slow-fire accuracy. Whatever it was, it’s clear to me that it was something I did that failed to explore the Caracal’s accuracy potential. Mea Culpa.

Based on my own errors, whatever they were, the Caracal deserves * * * 1/2 for accuracy and * * * *1/2 overall. A compact handgun this fast, reliable and comfortable deserves no less.

I agree with Ralph, Robert and Joe Grine; check the Caracal out for yourself, and buy one while they’re still cheap.