Canadian Gun Owners: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Shooters up North celebrated a rare gun-rights victory in April, when the Canadian federal government finally euthanized its expensive and useless ‘Long Gun Registry.’ The celebrations were short, however. Eager to appease suburban voters and swinging liberals, Ottawa promptly moved to ban ‘body armour.’ Then PM Stephen Harper’s ‘Conservative’ party has quietly announced that all […]

Gear Review: PowerTac Warrior LED Flashlight (Updated)

“The light that shines twice as bright burns half as long,” Dr. Eldon Tyrell tells doomed (but still deadly) android Roy Batty in Blade Runner. This rule may hold true in the fractured universe of Philip K. Dick, but does it govern the world of tactical flashlights? Blasting out 650 advertised lumens from two standard lithium […]

Chris Dumm: I Was Wrong About The Caracal’s Accuracy

[HTML1] I’m not sure how I goofed, but I goofed when I described the Caracal 9C’s accuracy as ‘unimpressive’ and placed some blame on its ‘disappointing’ trigger. Ralph’s review shows that the Caracal 9C is more accurate than what I experienced and described in my own review . . .

Shovel-Ready SBR: Arsenal SLR-106U Krinkov Pistol

Y’all know I’m not a big fan of rifle-based ‘assault pistols.’ I’ve frequently lampooned them in my ‘Darkest Depths Of Uselessness’ series, and I can’t hit sweet FA with them unless I walk my shots onto the target like an artillery spotter. But just to show you I’m not a total hater, here’s a rifle-pistol […]

Long-Term Gun Test: ATI VK-22

Back in September I tried to review the VK-22, a rimfire M4 clone that seemed to wear itself out after just a few hundred rounds of .22 long rifle. Its ATI-sourced lower receiver had a soft steel hammer which went full-auto on me, and the Chiappa-sourced upper had a floppy barrel and a weak bolt. […]

Should DGU Witnesses STFU Too?

Armed Intelligentsia member Tommy Knocker asks: I was watching the news today and I see how witnesses to the Trayvon shooting are starting to change their story. Soooo….got to thinking…..As the cardinal rule for DGU situations is to STFU, is it necessary for eye witnesses to also STFU? Being a witness to a major crime […]

Which Plinker Is Your Favorite?

TTAG reader Brian asks: Would you guys be able to recommend some good .22 plinkers, specifically the Phoenix Arms Rangemaster? Mission accepted, Brian! I’ve shot a lot of .22s over the years and I’m happy to make a few suggestions. I’ll break it to you now, though: the Phoenix Arms Rangemaster is not among them.

Gun Preview: Arsenal SLR-106 (5.56mm AK)

The last few months have been insanely busy with gun tests. If they find me squashed flat like the Wicked Witch Of The East beneath a shipping container of assorted rifles and ammunition, you’ll know Farago is to blame for my demise. And you’ll know I died happy. Our Maximum Leader has been channeling his […]

Gun Preview: Taurus 24/7 G2 .45 ACP

According to their new CEO, Taurus is in turnaround. While Mark Kresser upgrades the company’s customer service and build quality, Taurus’s new product intros continue to keep pace with Victoria Secret’s bikini collection. [Editorial note to Mrs. Dumm: I added that link.] The gunmaker just shipped us a 45 ACP 24/7 G2 for testing, with the […]

Gear Review: Bore-Tips Cleaning Swabs

If you’re like me you’ve got at least two dozen bore brushes, jags and swabs rattling around in your cleaning kit, along with at least one partially shredded pillow case that you cut up for cleaning patches. This can lead to some confusion and delay at cleaning time, especially after my jumbo shooting tackle box […]