Mirro Mirror On the Wall (Safe)

Keith Goble of Jotto Desk is on the floor showing off his company’s wall safe.  Designed to allow quick access to a firearm, a latch release allows the mirror to slide away revealing a 16″ wide plastic tub, tall enough to hold a shotgun and a biometric reader (along with a pistol rack still being tweaked by the company).

The user puts their digit into the reader which in turn releases the locks on your firearm. Battery operated, it will beep when the batteries run low.

“We suggest to our customers that they register multiple fingers on both hands” Keith says, holding up thumbs and fingers to illustrate the point.  “The system will hold 99 different records, so you’ll be able to unlock it with one of several fingers in case you have to approach the safe from a different angle.”

The company makes gear to secure firearms for law enforcement and other end users.  Both the gun and shotgun rack would secure to a stud.

Looking it over with my jaundiced engineer’s eye I think the components are pretty tight. It’s a proper shotgun rack, bolted into a stud.  A key allows you to open it up without the reader if you have to, and the obscurity affords a great deal of security.

Price point is between $750 to $850 and as an NRA official product, NRA members get a 15% discount.