Why California Gun Laws Suck, Now More Than Ever


You can get a gun in California—subject to a farrago of gun laws that proscribe certain firearms (I’m looking at you AR-10) and restrict which magazines a resident may purchase, carry or think about (CA mags must be 10 rounds or less). You can also get a concealed carry license—depending on who you are and where you live. But no matter how you slice it, it’s GD hard to tool-up in the Golden State. According to KTXL-TV, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones reckons that’s not good. Nor is he happy about the state government’s decision to save more than a billion bucks by “drastically reducing its prison population” and foisting felons on local prisons. Apparently, “citizens will pay through more property crimes committed by people who should be going to state prison.” In plain terms, “The crime rate at least in the near future will go up for certain.”