Weekend Photo Caption Contest


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17 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. avatarRalph says:

    Hey, I can see mommy!

  2. avatarglenn says:

    Strangest way to zero a scope ever.

  3. avatarglenn says:

    I think its zeroed can we go shoot now?

  4. avatarTaurus609 says:

    Hey dad you’re right, you can see the booth babes through here without mom knowing!

  5. avatarCharlie says:

    Ralfie and his BB gun won’t stand a chance against you now, my son.

  6. avatarHarold says:

    It’s a Condor.

  7. avatarJeremy says:

    You’re right dad, this scope does have X-ray vision!

  8. avatarJason says:

    I’ve heard of cross-eye dominant, but cross-head dominant? This is outrageous!

  9. avatarPhrederick says:

    In an effort to get more people into otherwise expensive shooting sports, 3 gun was reorganized as 1gun-3men.

  10. avatarSanchanim says:

    Dad, that’s not mom, that’s Tabitha!

  11. avatarAaron says:

    “OK, OK, Son… you can go with me on my next deployment – but you’ll have to act as my spotter, since kids can’t be used as combatants…. with the exception of Kony’s LRA, of course…”

  12. avatarAaron says:

    “That’s the secret of life, son… always be the one looking THROUGH the rifle scope, not the one being looked at.”

  13. avatarMichael says:

    “Can’t see the line can you, Russ?”

  14. avatarmike0101 says:

    Your right, Mommy’s butt does look big.

  15. avatarChill says:

    Mom is making us our sandwiches

  16. avatarbontai Joe says:

    A wonderful bonding moment for father & son

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