Trashed NRA ‘statement’ wound up where it belongs

[The following article was written by Dan Zwiefel at The Cap Times (“Your Progressive Voice”). It is republished here with the author’s permission.]

Ever notice how the organizations that send you junk mail have learned to use every trick possible to get you to open the envelope? One came the other afternoon, an official-looking piece of mail with an all-caps notation across the entire front: “STATEMENT ENCLOSED.” Better not throw this in the trash, I figured, lest I get saddled with a late fee for not paying for something I may have ordered. Alas, there was a statement inside for $25, a whopping $10 off the cost of a year’s membership in the National Rifle Association . . .

“Now is the time for you to activate your NRA membership,” the “statement” insisted. Plus, for that cut-rate $25 I’d get a free NRA duffel bag.

The benefits that would accrue to me for joining, the statement revealed, include 24/7 defense of my Second Amendment freedoms, my choice of NRA-produced magazines, an official member card, free admission to the NRA’s annual guns, gear and outfitter show, $2,500 worth of insurance coverage for my firearms, $5,000 worth of insurance coverage just for me, and discounts at participating retailers and outfitters.

Such a deal.

And in case I was still wavering, the indefatigable Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president, included a person message.

“Mr. Zweifel: Now is the time for you to activate your NRA membership. Anti-gun politicians across the country are fighting to ban guns, license and fingerprint gun owners, register firearms, tax ammo, shut down gun shows and a hundred other schemes at destroying YOUR freedoms.

Who knew.

There was once a time when the NRA supported and promoted hunting and the safe usage of firearms. Today, the organization has morphed into one that insists there should be unfettered access to weapons — even those used primarily for shooting cops — and has been the main pusher behind the so-called “stand your ground” statutes, which have become vogue in many states and one of which has been blamed for the tragic Trayvon Martin killing in Florida.

Suffice it to say, the statement wound up in the trash.

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