This is What Happens When You Have A Population That Has Never Seen or Interacted with a Firearm

A message from Vineland Municipal Utilities to their customers [h/t Stormlead]:

“On March 14, a Vineland [New Jersey] Municipal Utility meter reader was reading meters near the Winslow School and St. Isidore’s day care in Vineland.  The meter reader was using an automated electronic device to read water meters. This device is configured in such a way that it could possibly be mistaken for a firearm. Given recent events and concerns about violence in schools, the presence of the meter reader carrying the device was reported and emergency procedures were immediately implemented . . .

First of all, I would like to congratulate the responders for a job well done. I believe one can never be too safe under these circumstances. I also would like to apologize to those students, school administrators and parents who were upset by the incident.

To avoid a repeat in the future, we will take the following action.

• 1) VMU meter readers, in addition to their uniforms, will wear bright yellow vests with stenciling identifying them as VMU meter readers.

• 2) The device will be clearly marked in such a way that it could not be mistaken for a firearm.

John Boyle

Superintendent of Distribution
Vineland Municipal Electric Utility