Speaking of Secret Service Failures . . . Abraham Lincoln

At a Special Meeting of this Association…the following expressions of its sentiments and feelings were unanimously adopted the national joy has been suddenly turned to mourning! Exuberant congratulations at the brilliant victories of the Union armies have given place to the lamentations of grief and sadness. The glorious banner of our liberty, proudly floating from every house-top, emblem of our strength, now droops with the somber draperies of woe, at half mast. A great and a good man has fallen! Stricken down by the hand of an assassin, in a moment of fancied security and relaxation from cares of State, without note of warning . . .

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the President of the United States, IS DEAD! enrolled as the great Martyr to Human Liberty [Lincoln] gave his life in support and defence of that Government the mortal remains of the beloved President have been borne from the National Capital towards his own home. The bitter grief of the people has been manifested in every step of their progress. This Association has borne its humble part in the escort through our Metropolis. The funeral knell; the muffled drum; the sad and solemn procession of the martial hosts; the somber tread of the citizen mourners have accompanied them towards their final resting place; and still they are moving on… The highest honor of all ascriptions to his memory is that Abraham Lincoln DIED THE MARTYR TO HUMAN LIBERTY”.

The document, from alexanderautographs.com, reveals what we know instinctively: Lincoln lacked situational awareness and his bodyguard (Officer John Parker) failed to prevent a relatively unsophisticated attack. Does this [via smithsonianmag.com] sound familiar?

“When he was brought before the board for frequenting a whorehouse, Parker argued that the proprietress had sent for him.”

Ultimately, even the President of the United States is responsible for his own personal safety. Even if that means hiring the right people to hire the right people to protect him.