Quote of the Day: How About That ATF Long Gun Registry Then?

“On a personal note my experience with the original long gun registry shook me to my core. My father took his single shot shotgun to the local police to be registered. But soon after, the police arrived at our door and demanded his single shot shotgun. During the great depression my dad put meat on the table as a hunter of grouse and rabbits. Wild game and corn meal were our staple foods when meat was very expensive as were other normal staples beyond our means for a family of six. My dad was a Canadian citizen who had never been in trouble with the law or with anyone. He provided for his family under stressful circumstances. And the police never explained why they had confiscated his single shot shotgun when his two oldest sons were serving in the war effort with one son in the merchant marine and the other in the Canadian Tank Corp. My dad’s only comment about this seizure was, ‘Never trust the politicians.'” – Erno Rossi, Registry didn’t work before, doesn’t work now, niagrathisweek.com