Quote of the Day: Every Stupid Anti-Gun Argument In One Place Edition

“But the Second Amendment, the cornerstone of the NRA’s BS, is not relevant today. It was ratified in relation to state militias in 1791 and has no meaning in today’s world. The ‘right to keep and bear arms’ does not mean you can own a heat-seeking missile or a nuclear bomb, does it? . . .  The redcoats are not coming. But the rednecks are. And when they say that the Second Amendment protects them from a ‘tyrannical’ federal government, they are more than delusional. The U.S. military is so big, Mitt Romney’s annual ‘income’ couldn’t buy lunch at the Pentagon, especially if Paul Ryan’s budget passes.” – John Watson, Wilkes-Barre (PA) Times Leader, Only thing to fear is NRA’s fear tactic itself