Question of the Day: Is The Springfield XD-S The Next Big (Little) Thing?

Springfield Armory claims their forthcoming XD-S is “noticeably unnoticeable.” And I’m sexily unsexy. The Croatian gunmaker’s new compact .45 goes up against the 9mm Glock 26 (a.k.a., “baby Glock”). Although the single-stack XD-S is slimmer than the Glock—and who isn’t?—the Springfield’s a six-shooter while the Glock 26 holds eleven rounds (with one in the pipe). As does my similarly-sized carry gun: the .45 Glock 30. Not the Springfield sees it that way. The XD-S’s print ad declares “The .380 was a cute fad. NOW SPRINGFIELD ARMORY GETS BACK TO BUSINESS.” Apparently, the XD-S offers the “concealability of a micro-pistol” (.9mm?) with “knock down power.” So, are pocket .45s the new .380, or is the compact nine still da bomb? [Click here for TTAG’s XD-S preview.]