Pippa Gets a Pass

It’s pretty revolting isn’t it? The independent press in a country founded on overthrowing the English monarchy treating a demi-royal like a demi-god. Truth be told, Pippa Middleton hung out with a louche Frenchmen who was loose with a gun. Not her fault, obviously. Her Royal Hotness (though not my cup of tea) “had no idea he was going to do that and told him to stop immediately. She did not find it funny,” a blue blood named Arthur de Soultrait said in a statement relayed by CNN. Jesus H. Christ, who cares how this affects her? Millions of Frenchmen are without their right to armed self-defense and some piece of merde brandishes a gun at a paparazzi and we’re supposed to care about any of them? As Ted Nugent might say, well, you can imagine what Ted Nugent might say. [Click here for Sebastian Ordelheide’s look at French gun laws.]