OMG! Guns Without Locks! In KY Houses! With Children!

I would NEVER recommend that anyone EVER keep a unsecured loaded gun in a house with children. I believe that all guns should be either on your person or locked-up. Nighttime bedside duty? Quick access safe. But who cares what I think? As long as it doesn’t affect me, what people do or keep or say in the privacy of their home is their own business. What? Think of the children! OK, let’s think of the children . . .

Almost half of all adults in Kentucky have firearms.

A recent poll conducted by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky showed that 45 percent of all Kentucky adults reported having a gun in their home.

Of that total, 20 percent say they keep their guns loaded and without a lock or safety device on it.

Thirty-nine percent of those homes that have guns but no locks on them say their are children present in those homes.

And their [sic] you have it, via Or, more directly, click here for the study.

The Census Bureau pegs the Bluegrass State’s 2011 population at 4,369,356. If this study’s methodology is sound, I make that 1,966,210 Kentuckians who admit to a stranger report having a gun in the home. Using the twenty percent stat, 393,242 residents leave firearms locked and loaded.

Thirty-nine percent of that number gives us 153,364 parents or guardians living in Kentucky with both children and unsecured, locked and loaded firearms in their abode.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the number of accidental firearms deaths for Kentucky kids (from zero to 19 years of age) in 2005 was . . . two. Even if you assume both deaths occurred in homes with unsecured, locked and loaded firearms, the practice seems pretty safe to me. Again, not recommended. But it seems we have other things to worry about . . .