OMG! An 18-Year-Old With A Loaded Rifle! Walking! In Michigan! OMG!


Let me go straight to the best bit: “police determined the weapon was a M1-.30 caliber rifle that was fully loaded with one round in the chamber.” Does that mean that there was only one round or that there was a full mag and one in the pipe? JK. OK, so, according to, “Officers on foot patrol saw [Sean Michael] Combs with the rifle walking near South Old Woodward and Merrill at around 10:20 p.m. Officers stopped the man and asked for identification so they could verify if he was old enough to be in possession of the rifle. Birmingham Police Cmdr. Terry Kiernan said adults are allowed to carry firearms in Michigan, though Combs appeared ‘very young,’ Kiernan said.” Note to self: sip slowly from the fountain of youth once found. “Police said Combs refused to identify himself, and he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, brandishing a firearm and obstructing an officer.” Brandishing? I don’t think so.