Obscure Object of Desire: A. Uberti Gunleather


A. Uberti’s motto: “history repeats itself.” Oh great. I can’t wait for Kristallnacht V2. On a lighter note, Cowboy Action Shooting continues to gain popularity amongst both its OFWG (Old Fat White Guy) demographic and the Red Dead Redemption generation. Judging from this PR pic, Uberti’s cashing-in with some sumptuous-looking leather. Considering the holster and belt’s entirely reasonable price (both pieces clock in at around a Franklin) I’d like to see the work in the flesh before strapping it on to find my inner Eastwood. Wait. That doesn’t sound right. But it feels so good. Press release:

“A. Uberti is pleased to introduce its Desperado line of branded gun leather, including a holster and cartridge belt. Desperado holsters are specifically designed for the 1873 Cattleman Single-Action revolvers and the cartridge belts are made to hold either .357/.38 or .45 LC cartridges . . .

Uberti’s Desperado holster [not shown below] is an authentic 1800’s Mexican loop-style holster, which is ideal for today’s cowboy action shooting. The holster is shaped from premium saddle leather and includes full suede lining, decorative border stamping and a hammer thong—features that make it look and work so well.


Desperado holsters are stamped with the A. Uberti logo and are available in either right or left-hand and come in either black or tan. Holsters come in two sizes that will fit guns with either 4¾, 5½-inch barrels or a 7-inch barrel. They can be worn on belts up to 2¼-inches wide.

“Matching Desperado cartridge belts are constructed from extra heavy premium saddle leather and are fully suede lined. The belt accommodating .45 LC cartridges comes with 20 cartridge loops, while the .38/.357 caliber belt comes standard with 25 cartridge loops. The loops are centered on the backside allowing plenty of room for other accessories. Belts sizes run from 34 inches through 42 inches. When ordering Desperado cartridge belts add 4 inches to your waist size for the correct fit.”


Holster Black or Tan Desperado RH/LH 4 ¾” – 5 ½” – $99.00
Holster Black or Tan Deperado RH/LH 7 ½” – $109.00
Belt (.45LC) Black or Tan Desperado, sizes 34-42 – $115.00
Belt (.357/.38) Black or Tan Desperado, sizes 34-42 – $115.00