Norwegian Spree Killer Anders Behring Breivik Obsessed with Warcraft Videogame

Anders Behring Breivik’s on trial for the murder of 77 people last July: killing eight people with a bomb planted in Oslo’s government district and shooting 69 people (mostly children) at the Labor Party’s youth camp on Utoya island outside the capital. The Norwegian spree killer’s claiming he launched his shooting and bombing attacks in self-defense—a plea designed to afford Breivik an opportunity to air his anti-Islamic views. As the AP reports, Breivik wasted no time taking advantage of the live worldwide coverage of his prosecution . . .

Dressed in a dark suit and sporting a thin beard along his jawline, Breivik smiled as a guard removed his handcuffs in the crowded court room. The 33-year-old then flashed a closed-fist salute, before shaking hands with prosecutors and court officials.

“I don’t recognize Norwegian courts because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism,” Breivik said in his first comments to the court.

Breivik’s claim that his anti-immigrant slaughter was an act of “preventative” self-defense has less of a chance of leading to an acquittal that a legal strategy based on alien abduction.

In fact, like all spree killers, Breivik has a pretty good argument that he’s nuttier than a Julekake. An idea that the defendant is determined to quash as publicly as possible, even as the court does it level best to lay the groundwork for the inevitable insanity ruling (which will justify the court’s decision not to give Breivik—or anyone else—the needle).

Interestingly, the mainstream media has focused on Breivik’s maybe-not-so-silly contention that he’s a part of a group the killer calls “Knights Templar 2083.” While conspiracy theorists rejoice, the truth may be more prosaic.

The live-bloggers at the Telegraph reveal that the independently wealthy Norwegian spent an awful lot of time playing World of Warcraft online. (As do some of the game’s 12m players.) After earning a nest egg from selling telephones and (allegedly) fake diplomas, Breivik devoted an entire year of his life to the game as Justicar Andersnordic.”

Breivik’s bedroom is a tiny garret, just big enough for a bed, a computer, some garish artwork and an absurdly oversized safe on the floor.

If you were asked how an unemployed, psychotic fantasist would fill his many empty hours, you would predict that he would submerge himself in some wantonly violent, virtual reality computer game.

Breivik mastered all 85 levels of “World of Warcraft”.

“Wantonly violent”? Warcraft gamers should be thankful (in a horrible sort of way) that the media is focusing on Breivik’s racist views rather than his obsessive gaming. It’s too bad the Norwegians couldn’t get Breivik to plead out and avoid a trial, saving everyone the agony of listening to his arrogant racist rantings.

Or not. The trial will eventually highlight the pathetic police response to Breivik’s shooting spree and, perhaps, bring to light the dangers of a gun-free zones. Well, if not in the mainstream media then here on TTAG. Again. Still.