New York City Gun Permits Reserved for the Rich. Again. Still.

Gun control is racist. The laws were designed and created to deprive American minorities of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. No surprise, then, that many of this nation’s largest minority communities are home to America’s most draconian gun control rules and regulations. To wit: New York City. As our man Brett Solomon will tell you, a law abiding New York City resident has about as much chance of getting a concealed carry permit as winning the lottery. While getting bitten by a shark. As lightning strikes. If, however, you’re extremely wealthy, you’re good to stow. As you peruse the list of contributors to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s previous political campaigns Big Apple concealed carriers, ignore the’s “one percenters” class warfare crap. Everyone has a right to carry a gun. Everyone . . .

The really loaded

Ronald Lauder: Worth $3.3 billion, No. 103 on Forbes
Donald Trump: Worth $2.9 billion, No. 128 on Forbes 400
Joseph Sitt: Coney Island developer with assets of $1 billion
Andrew Farkas: Island Capital CEO used to employ Andrew Cuomo.
Richard Fields: Hard Rock casino mogul
Howard Stern: Recently inked $400 million deal with Sirius
John Catsimatidis: Gristedes CEO worth $2 billion, No. 212 on Forbes
John Mack: Former Morgan Stanley CEO
Larry Gluck: Real-estate mogul owns Independence Plaza and heads Stellar Management.
Adam Rose: Owner of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.
Isaac Perlmutter: Marvel comics CEO worth $1.9 billion, No. 263 on Forbes.
Tommy Mottola: Bronx-born recording exec worth $100 million
George Klein: Real-estate mogul, CEO of Park Tower Group
Ivan Seidenberg: Former Verizon CEO made $62 in 2009-2011
Dana Duneier: CEO of Madison Avenue jeweler Clyde Duneier
Albert Fried: Managing director of venerable Wall Street firm Albert Fried & Company.
Martin Goodstein: Founder of Goodstein Management
Donald Trump Jr.: First son of The Donald works for the Trump Organization.
Eric Trump: Third son of Donald, he’s also in the family biz.

Strangely, the Post’s list of NYC’s “21,243 Tom, Dick and Dirty Harry’s” doesn’t include celebrities (e.g., Robert DeNiro). Something to do with maintaining access for the paper’s paparazzi?

The Post’s list also doesn’t “out” the thousands of retired law enforcement officers who can carry concealed—who are obviously better than the average citizen when it comes to gun-handling (or not). Or the bodyguards who protect the politicians who protect the rules and regulations that infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the City’s eight million residents.

Laws that are so anti-gun that it’s amazing that anyone even tries to get a New York City concealed carry permit. Read this and weep:

The number of heat-seekers is increasing: as of Feb. 29, 358 people have applied for gun permits, compared with 286 for the same period last year, according to the NYPD. The department says it granted 188 new licenses so far this year, compared with 228 last year during the same time.

Will New York City ever shake-off its elitist, racist anti-gun fascism? That’ll be the day.