Mitt Romney on Ted Nugent Endorsement: It Wazzunt Me

Back in March, Motor City Madman Ted Nugent endorsed Mitt “My Son Owns Two Shotguns” Romney. According to The Texas Tribune, the Nuge exacted a pledge from the Mittster: he wouldn’t sign any new gun laws if was elected President (Romney, not Nugent). Done. And then Ted had an NRAgasm, calling for President Obama’s head on a pike (not quite paraphrasing). As msnbc reports above, the presumptive republican nominee has distanced himself from the artist whose song “Kiss My Glock” became an instant folk classic. Or not. At the same time,  the Secret Service has promised to investigate Nugent’s not-so-veiled threat against the Commander in Chief. I’d like to be at Ted’s Ranch when the SS shows up with a search warrant. Again, or not.