“Karl Lippard Designs has more weapon system diversity than any firearm manufacturer in the United States.”

It’s been a while since we checked in with Karl Lippard, maker of the 400-yard 1911. Even as Karl’s JMB-based supergun remains in the running for a military contract, he’s moved on. Here’s a list of Captain Karl’s future military projects from his website, although we suspect it may be an episode guide for some sort of firearms-related reality show.

– The WS: Weapon Surface, Ship Surface, and Ship Subsurface Weapon Systems. Ship/ Shore Defensive Strike, Safe Zone Protection, Battlefield Isolation. Manned or Autonomous. Mobile.
– The SWS: Spider Weapon System. Tactical, Safe Zone, Defense, Offense. Battlefield Isolation, Manned or Autonomous. Mobile.
– The ATCW: Anti Tank Battalion Weapon. Offensive Incapacitation.
– Clara: Civilian Weapon System. Defense, Anti-Pirate and Personnel.
– Mariposa: Anti Personnel Device. Tactical, Defense. Mobile.
– AMGW: Anti ICBM System. Defensive Strike.
– AAGW: Anti Aircraft System. Defensive Strike.