Jan Morgan: I Am Not An Irresponsible Gun Owner


“I am writing in response to the post naming me irresponsible gun owner of the day.  I feel your assessment of the situation is unfair in that you do not know all the circumstances surrounding this episode of the show. What you are unaware of is :

1) I had personally checked the gun 30 minutes before the taping of the show.

2) I disassembled the gun in that same time period to teach one of the other ladies on the set how to clean  a glock.

3) From the time I cleaned the gun until the moment the show tape began rolling, that gun never left my hand.

4) All people on the set knew the chamber was empty, the magazine was empty and that it had remained in my possession ..

5) Because the studio was full of camera and production crew which surrounded our set, 18 people total, there was absolutely no direction that gun could have been pointed at all times (other than the floor) that it would not have been aimed in someones direction

6) The purpose behind this show was to get people interested in the 2nd Amendment and to alleviate fear of guns.. Had I handled it pointed at the floor at all times during the show, knowing it was unloaded, I would have, myself, looked as if I was afraid and ill at ease with a firearm.

Finally, I have difficulty understanding why you shoot down people who are on the same side as you are regarding 2nd Amendment issues and pro gun.. All gun owners who are perfect, please step forward…  Would that be you?”

Jan Morgan