Incendiary Image of the Day: Trigger Happy Humans Edition

I’ve been thinking about the psychology of gun grabbers. More specifically, why so many anti-2a zealots lose their enthusiasm for gun control after they bust a few caps. These anti-gunners journey to the local gun range fearing that they’ll become what they fear: an itchy-fingered firearms fiend. Within minutes, they realize that operating a gun appeals to both their lizard and their leftist—I mean rational mind. They discover that you can shoot a gun without turning into a spree killer. Who knew? Yes but—good shooters are fantasists. They imagine threats. They plan and train for imaginary threats. They like imagining, planning and training for imaginary threats. Which is no bad thing. The process keeps shooters sharp, focused, motivated. Evolution made it so. And there’s not a damn thing the anti-2a brigade can do about it. [h/t Jose Juan Carlos]