Incendiary Image of the Day: Oleg Volk Prepares for Race Riots Edition

Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It’s the only way to live in cars

Gary Numan, Cars



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39 Responses to Incendiary Image of the Day: Oleg Volk Prepares for Race Riots Edition

  1. avatarDerek says:

    Does he just really like Kel Tec or is that just a coincidence?

    • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      Honestly? Surprised he didn’t mount a Primary Arms optic on there. Not that I think it wouldn’t do alright in this particular situation.

  2. avatarNot Too Eloquent says:

    Kel Tec needs Oleg Volk to photographically polish up their plastic junk.

  3. avatarJohn says:

    Oleg is the photographer at our non-profit, he’s a good guy and volunteers. But Kel-Tec is one of his pay-the-bills clients and he does alot of work for them. So he has alot of Kellies on hand.

  4. avatarjkp says:

    Time isn’t holding us,
    Time isn’t after us.
    Same as it ever was,
    Same as it ever was.

    -David Brynne

  5. avatarKWAL says:

    Love the Cars reference. That’s almost old school.

  6. avatarJosh says:

    That thing may get you out of a riot alive, but any jury that sees it after the dust has settled will think you were hoping for a chance to use it. Try and see it the way an average joe, never fired a gun guy or gal would… The prosecutor would have a field day.
    Better to stick to a trusty pump action with wooden furniture or camo (if you have a truck) that could plausibly be justified as being used for hunting, or a straight up handgun.

  7. avatarTim says:

    Minnesotans don’t get that option. We can own those, but we can’t “carry” them loaded as a car gun. Our permit to carry is only valid for handguns.

  8. avatargirlswithguns says:

    Californians don’t get that option either, unless they have a CCW license. Otherwise, I would have to ask the nice rioters to please excuse me while I get my gun from the trunk and unite it with the ammunition that I have to carry in a different part of the vehicle.

    • avatarAnonymouse says:

      Actually, thats false:
      How to transport a rifle in California

      Unloaded in the passenger compartment is fine in California, sitting next to a loaded magazine.

      The only gotcha is on the federal level, which says if you go within 1000 yards of a school it needs to be locked in a rack or in the trunk, which applies to all states, not just California.

      And if you are carrying a long gun in your passenger compartment, you’re going to want to lock it in a rack anyway…

      • avatargirlswithguns says:

        Now I’m confused. Everywhere in the Penal Code that I can find where “loaded firearm” is defined, it’s defined as: “a firearm shall be deemed to be “loaded” whenever both the firearm and the unexpended ammunition capable of being discharged from the firearm are in the immediate possession of the same person.”

  9. avatarHenry Bowman says:

    Shooting a rifle inside a vehicle is fvcking LOUD.

  10. avatarFrank says:

    I can already picture it. News helicopter footage of a guy holding up a mob, à la Gordon and Shughart in Black Hawk Down with his SU-16 and Surefire 60 rounder. I’m sure it would go down well.

  11. avatarbontai Joe says:

    Driver is NOT wearing a seat belt, which will get you pulled over in most (all?) states. Once pulled over, he had best have an excellent explaination for the rifle. “Oh officer, I only have this rifle because I heard that there was the potential for large riots this afternoon in town, and I’m going grocery shopping and wanted to be safe.” probably isn’t going to cut it.

    • avatarAlaskan Nutkase says:

      I am glad I live in AK, I got stopped by a trooper the other day for a headlight that burnt out. Had a Colt AR-15 and DPMS AR-15 (both with mags in) for rifles propped up in the middle seat of my truck, passenger had a Glock 22 concealed and a .22 on the dash(in a box) I had the trusty .44 mag tucked inbetween the driver seat and the middle seat and also had a concealed weapon. Very friendly guy, just wanted to tell me I had a headlight burnt out, and of course we followed the laws here and told him right away that aside from the ones he could see, there were a few that he couldnt see hahaha. He told me to fix my light and we were both on our way. If you are wondering why we had so many guns… we were going to the range, so we brought the .22 pistol. I Love Alaska…

  12. avatarGS650G says:

    UZI or MAC-10 machine pistol. Better option.

    • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      Meh, best option is a suppressed 9mm SBR AR-15, so that maybe your ear drums won’t be ruptured immediately. I’m also not sure you’d ever be able to legally or ethically defend spraying a crowd on full-auto.

  13. avatarCharlie says:

    Why not join in on the riot? Just bring a hoodie.

  14. avatarMichael B says:

    Use the vehicle to break through, handguns to keep them out.

  15. avatarST says:

    The best thing to do in regards to an urban mob, is to not be in it to start with.

    I have seen a riot before. I witnessed a college outdoor party that crossed the border out of “unruly” and into “destruction of public property” territory. Some numbskulls protested the “dry campus” policy by drinking in public off campus and things degenerated quick, fast , and in a hurry. In real life, seeing a large group of people act like animals is a profoundly disturbing sight. No sane person would want to pull a weapon in that situation;if a person from the mob becomes a threat then its appropriate, but “shooting your way out ” is the stuff of Hollywood B-movies. If you are in a mob, get out. If you can’t drive out, run out. Just like on Main Street, the firearm is a last resort alternative to other forms of conflict resolution.

  16. avatarAaron says:

    This guy has a very interesting blog… this article of his may be particularly relevant…

  17. avatarEdward Teach says:

    ‘roo bars, run-flat tires, and lots of torque.
    Reginald Denny never should have stopped.

    • avatarRopingdown says:

      Good recommendations. If Denny hadn’t stopped he’d still have enough brain function left to understand your advice.

  18. avatarjim says:

    I’ll bet Reginald Denny wishes he were similarly equipped one summer day in south central LA.

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