District of Columbia Zoning: Marijuana Yes, Guns No

weGrow is open for business in the nation’s capitol. The 2,500-square-foot superstore (a stoner’s throw from Home Depot) sells marijuana growing supplies and classes on producing wacky tobaccy for holders of medical marijuana cards. (And no one else, obvs.) “This store will serve as a hub for many surrounding states and will be a great launching pad to promote safe and responsible cultivation practices to new growers as medical marijuana laws move eastward,” weGrow founder Dhar Mann pronounced in his presser. The D.C. hang is weGrow’s fifth “Walmart of Weed”; they’ve got two shops in California and one in Phoenix and Michigan. Delaware and New Jersey are next. Cool, right? Anyone want to guess how many gun stores there are in D.C., or what the gun laws are like in the Garden State? [h/t vcdl]