Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Utah CCW Holder Brings A Gun to A Knife Fight


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52 Responses to Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Utah CCW Holder Brings A Gun to A Knife Fight

  1. avatarMatt in MT says:

    What! Wasn’t there a background check before he purchased that knife? There has to be a mandatory waiting period before you can purchase a knife. Think of the children!

    (They also need to investigate if he is part of that “Iron River” of illegal American knives flowing into Mexico)

    • avatarIdahoPete says:

      And why didn’t he have to go through a 10-day waiting period before he picked up the knife?

    • avatarHal says:

      I think the answer here is knife registration. Later, after a three month amnesty period we will cordon and search neighborhoods for illegal knives and kill…err… I mean arrest anyone caught with an assault knife.

  2. Wow, thank good for the responsible gun owner.

    Perhaps you should start a “Responsible Gun Owner of the Day” series.

  3. avatarGS650G says:

    Ask mikeb203000 what he would have done in this situation, walking out of the market and seeing it unfold in front of him. I’d really like to get his enlightened opinion on this.

    • avatarChas says:

      Oh, come on now – Mike doesn’t believe that things like this ever happen.

    • avatarJake says:

      He would be the one with the knife, paranoia that intense eventually tends to get the best of people.

      • avatarHal says:

        No he would be the one with the knife because he’s an alleged criminal…

        “Dis aint right… oall deese crayzy victums with deyr guns and der rights… how’s a crook gonna put food on da’ table deeze days?! Fuhgetabowtit! It makes a guy want sum pasta jus tinking abowt it! OWH!”

    • avatarRalph says:

      I think that mikey would be upset by the dangerous CCW holder throwing down on a helpless knife tester.

      • Actually I think this is a wonderful example of proper gun management. The CCW guy “subdued” the attacker without shooting him to death. How many of you guys would have do it like that?

        What would I do? I don’t know, that’s the truth. And I worry about it too, just about the same as I worry about a meteorite.

        • avatarJake says:

          you should be a fry cook for a living, you have such a talent for flipping about

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      He doesn’t consider a case like this a DGU, because shots weren’t fired.

  4. avatarPaul says:

    Isn’t there a waiting period to purchase a knife? Why didn’t this person have to fill out a dangerous weapons form? Was the clerk at fault for this? Why didn’t the store manager ask for proper ID prior to the purchase?
    As the saying goes, “Attention shoppers there is a mess on isle five…”And you to can buy your knife over the counter without having to show ID.
    In all seriousness, thank GOD that this man had the means to stop this, and the guts to do so.

  5. avatarLevi B says:

    This is the perfect case for armed self defense in general and stand your ground laws in particular.

    The man was not at his home.
    The man was not forced to even injure the perpetrator.
    The perpetrator was attacking someone else.
    The perpetrator did not have a gun, even an illegal one–it must be a little too difficult for him to get a gun.

    No wonder I didn’t see this on the news last night, or on any mainstream news sites this morning.

    • avatarSanchanim says:

      This is exactly why responsible people with CCW actually help. the Police were pretty happy he was there, he stopped the guy and made it easy for them to arrest him for the stabbing, no shots were fired, and dang he probably saved those people’s lives.

  6. avatarPaul says:

    Thank GOD that this man had the means and the guts to stop this onslaught of wanton carnage. Obviously the BG was mentally unbalanced. How could a responsible store sell a dangerous weapon to someone like that. Where are the attorney’s? To quote a 30′s newsman after the Hindenburgh burst into flames “…Oh the humanity of it all…”

    • avatarJames says:


      Apostrophes are not used to denote plurals of nouns. Ever. Just so you know.

      • avatarHal says:

        Really? Are we going down that road?

        “Ever.” <—-Not a complete sentence.

        I'm just messing with you :) Let's not hold grammar against one another.

  7. avatarBrooklyn in the house says:

    One of the most important parts of the story is the restraint the ccw holder had. He didn’t have to fire a single shot to defuse the situation. If this went down exactly as reported this story should be used as a perfect example of why no one should be denied their right to carry.

  8. avatarKelly in GA says:

    “In the right place at the right time.”

    If there were more right places and right times we were allowed to carry…

    Perfect proof that something like VT would have been cut short by armed students. You know he wasn’t done performing surgery.

    When will California enact a law to keep all the assault knives from the grocery store getting into deranged hands? You know they’ll lead the way.

  9. avatarEric says:

    How did the CCW keep from getting shot? Oh yeah, it’s not NYC. Good police response as well.

  10. avatarJeffTheJeff says:

    Oh, I don’t believe this story. Every time my pro-gun control friends and I get together to talk about what common sense gun control legislation we can pass (we’re talking about banning gangster grips – those that allow you to get a full two or more fingers on the grip), we oftentimes justify bans on CCW permits on the grounds that almost without fail, criminals move like the flash, disarm the CCW holder, and use the gun against them. The only thing that happens before the disarmament is that the CCW holder fires willy nilly into a crowd of people, killing dozens of innocents.

    It’s sad that stories like this are contradiction our firmly held beliefs.

    • avatarJohnny says:

      Its hard being anti gun these days without looking like a complete fool. I think us anti gunners should get together, go on a crime spree and blame the lack of gun control for our actions.

      • avatarKelly in GA says:

        Don’t you mean sell guns illegally and then blame the laws you broke for not being strong enough? It seems to work for Eric Holder.

        • avatarHal says:

          (Meanwhile on Kelly in GA’s front porch)


          “Surpise bitch! My name is Agent Sucsadik, BATFE! Mr. Holder would like a word with you about some COMMENTS you made!”

        • avatarKelly in GA says:

          “I’m sorry Agent Chokesondik, but I was high when I said that because your drug laws aren’t strong enough, and they wound up in my system! I’m the victim here!!!”

        • avatarKelly in GA says:

          All sarcasm aside, that dude is a hero. I home the victims pull through.

        • avatarHal says:


  11. avatarscott says:

    If you try to discuss this incident as an example to gun-controllers, they’ll bitch that it’s just an anecdote and then reply with a made up statistic.

    But good job on that good samaritan. /clap.

  12. avatarAccur81 says:

    Nice work, CCW holder!

  13. avatarJohn says:

    Someone from CSGV will pipe up and say the CCW Permit holder could have been wrong and the man with the knife was just defending himself from two hostile couponers.

  14. avatarDerek says:

    I don’t understand. I thought the police were our omnipotent, all powerful, protectors. That they would be there to save people whenever they were needed. That instead of being vigilantes, people should just “let the police do their jobs”. I thought armed vigilantes just made situations worse and killed the wrong person.

    Why didn’t they stop the spree stabber? How did the CC stop the spree without shooting 14 innocent bystanding children on their way home from elementary school?

    [/sarc rant]

  15. avatarthegunwire says:

    Here’s how many news agency stories I’ve seen about this event:


  16. avatarTim McNabb says:

    This is a good example of coming to the aid of others while armed (DUH). The CCW holder drew his weapon, but did not need to open fire, demanding he man “prone” on the ground.

    If it was my loved one who was saved by this man’s act, I would be very grateful that he did not have the “me and mine” mentality when it comes to self-defense.

  17. avatarIdahoPete says:

    Gee, still waiting for MikeB to jump in and tell us that this is just “anecdotal evidence” that doesn’t have any applicability to the CCW debate.

    Hey, how do we know that the guy with a knife wasn’t a trained surgeon who was performing free operations on people who can’t afford medical insurance? Did the guy with the gun even try to discuss this issue in a calm, non-judgemental rational manner with the knife-wielder, instead of pulling out his evil gun and putting the poor victimized “undocumented surgeon” in fear of his life?

  18. avatarRalph says:

    You guys don’t know the language of gungrabbers. When a CCW holder saves a bunch of people from a knife-weilding maniac, that’s called an anecdote and it proves nothing. When an armed community watch guy shoots someone, that’s not an anecdote, that’s proof positive that all guns are evil.

    Got it now? Great. I’m here to help.

  19. avatarJS III says:

    Guess we need a knife waiting period now. CC saves yet mote lives.

  20. avatarBpjester says:

    All of the mayors of the large cities need to form a coalition to bring lawsuits against the manufacturers of kitchen cutlery. Obviously, the knife manufacturers should have known that their products could have been misused and now they must be sued out of existence. We also should sign the U.N. global ban on knives.

  21. avatarCmdrlimpet says:

    Utah rocks. I love this state.

  22. avatarRobert says:

    Obviously it is time to outlaw grocery store parking lots…

  23. avatarSeraf says:

    “In the right place, at the right time.” The reporter forgot to mention that he was there with the right tool, right training, and right laws. Otherwise this would have been a much different story.

  24. avatarBob says:

    Just a sheepdog protecting the flock from a wolf.

    A hero!

  25. avatarSilver says:

    Yet another point in our favor.

  26. avatarPhrederick says:

    Brady Score of 0
    Murder rate of 1.9 per 100k people (VS California, Brady score 82, murder rate 4.9 Go figure.)
    State laws allow teachers and faculty to carry at all levels of education. Students public Universities have their right to carry protected by state law (Privately owned universities may still restrict firearm carry due to property laws).
    School shootings = 0

    Trolley Square is the only incident I can think of. It’s also one of the few “Gun Free Zones” I can think of around here. Still is and still was when a troubled young Bosnian refugee shot the place up with weapons he could not legally own before being stopped by an off-duty officer.

  27. avataroutdoorrat says:

    I love this state!!!

  28. avatarracer88 says:

    Gosh… you mean a person can just go into a store and buy a kitchen knife without a background check… walk outside with it and randomly and critically stab two people??? We need more “knife control” laws. “Reasonable” knife control laws!! Luckily for the rest of the folks in the parking lot, a licensed concealed gun carrier was there to stop the “knife-man.”

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