ATF to Predict Gun Crime in US, UK and Canada

This just in from our ATF info wars guy Ike:

“The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau [sic] wants to use technology to help predict where gun crime may unfold, and eventually work to prevent it from happening,” reports. “The Justice Department….issued a solicitation for a system ‘designed to accurately identify the risk of personal and property crimes’ covering 200 locations throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.” Wow! ATF now has so much money in the budget, it’s expanding to predict crime in the United Kingdom and Canada? Why leave out Mexico? When did ATF jurisdiction extend to foreign countries? How many ATF employees will be transferred to plum assignments in the UK and Canada? ATF did such a fine job with Fast and Furious it’s now time to include more foreign countries? Maybe ATF should concentrate on predicting crime within it’s own agency. Talk about “Fraud, Waste and Abuse . . .”