Another Victim of Racial Profiling or Trayvon-Mania?


TTAG takes a skeptical view of police procedures. We regularly report on deficiencies re: firearms training, gun handling (i.e. negligent discharges), SWAT team proliferation, officer strategy (i.e. questionable shootings) and bureaucratic coverups. The lack of video evidence in the Pasadena officer involved shooting chronicled above is worrying. (Pasadena police Chief Phillip Sanchez said his officers don’t respond to armed robberies by turning on their flashing lights and, thus, the dashboard camera.) Whatever the circumstances, the shooting of an unarmed man is lamentable. But comparing Kendrec McDade‘s death to Trayvon Martin’s homicide? As we’ve predicted, the race-baiting repercussions from George Zimmerman’s claimed defensive gun use continue. Check out the YouTube caption . . .

A second shooting of an unarmed African American youth by US police is fueling suspicion of institutionalized prejudice in the force and threatening social unrest across American suburbs . . .

Local man Oscar Carillo, who placed the 9-11 call, admitted under questioning he had lied to police that the suspects were armed to generate a faster response, after McDade’s 17-yr old companion had broken into his car. The 17-yr-old has a criminal record of burglary, grand theft and failing to register as a gang member. Carillo is now charged with involuntary manslaughter by the trigger happy police.

I can’t find any corroboration for the assertion that Carillo admitted lying to the 911 operator. In any case, arresting Carillo for involuntary manslaughter (as opposed to filing a false police report)? Talk about CYA.

Sensibly enough, the LA DA declined to file charges against Carillo.

“Instead, they sent the case back to the Pasadena Police Department for further investigation,” reports. “Carrillo remains jailed on an immigration hold placed by the federal Immigration Customs and Enforcement. He is believed to be in the United States illegally.” For at least a second time.

And what a country it is. Thanks to professional African American agitators and their mainstream media accomplices, the Trayvon Martin case is spreading a cancer of suspicion, anger and hatred throughout the African American community.

It’s going to be a long hot summer.