American Guns’ Paige Wyatt Paints a 1911 [Not Shown]

I happened onto the season opener for American Guns last night [clicking link autoplays episode]. I must admit I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the show before now, despite the obvious attraction of watching the long-necked Paige Wyatt do just about anything wearing just about nothing. Last night’s episode should have featured Ms. Wyatt praying for forgiveness for her father. Charging a combat vet $3500 for a custom 1911 that doesn’t say Bill, Ed, Les, Cabot or Nighthawk somewhere on the slide—and then telling him you’ve given him suchadeal and thank you for your service—is a bit of cheek. Assuming (as we mustn’t) that the said soldier actually paid one thin dime for the gun. Worse: Paige Wyatt, whose gunsmithing experience is limited to carefully coordinated on-camera cameos, painted the pistol. I know what you’re thinking: she can paint my pistol any time. Maybe I’m showing my age and/or financial situation, but not for three grand she can’t. YMMV. In your dreams.