Special Prosecutor Dimisses Zimmerman Grand Jury


CBS Miami, The Huffington Post and the usual suspects are reporting that Special Prosecutor Angela Corey [above] has dismissed the Grand Jury convened to hear the George Zimmerman case. “State Attorney Angela Corey has decided not to use a Grand Jury in the Trayvon Martin shooting death investigation,” the official statement states. “The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case. The Grand Jury, set to convene on April 10, 2012, was previously scheduled by the former prosecutor . . .

Ms. Corey was appointed as the Special Prosecutor on March 22, 2012, by Governor Rick Scott. From the moment she was assigned, Ms. Corey noted she may not need a Grand Jury.

At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.

Since we all believe that a Grand Jury would indict a ham sandwich, why was the jury dismissed? Well, unless there’s some hint of impropriety surrounding the Grand Jury, dumping it was a smart political move, that’s why. Because George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, isn’t a ham sandwich.

Look, if Corey wanted Zimmerman’s charges kicked, it would have been easy. She could have made a lousy presentation to the Grand Jury, gotten “no-billed,” blamed the jurors and be Tallahassee’s fair haired lawyer.

On the other hand, if Corey wanted an indictment and a runaway GJ “no billed” the case, she’d look like a fool to her superiors for no political gain. By dismissing the GJ, the prosecutor has told us that she believes that the state’s case against Zimmerman—any case—is too weak to trust to a Grand Jury of honest citizens.

Wisely, Corey chose the path of least resistance. A no-thanks from the Grand Jury would have inflamed public opinion. Literally. By leaving the grand jury with ten-foot pole marks, Corey and her keepers dodge that bullet.

So where does that leave George? Screwed, I think.

By dumping the Jury, it appears that Corey sealed Zimmerman’s fate. If Corey were to kick all Zimmerman’s charges, now, after ditching the Grand Jury, it would scream “coverup.” It would be the political blunder of a lifetime and would likely invite the Feds in for a thorough civil rights investigation. No, she’s got to charge him with something.

Intentional murder is off the table. It’s Florida’s practice to require an indictment in a capital case. Not having a Grand Jury means there’s no indictment, and no indictment means there won’t be a capital murder charge. However, lesser charges remain in play.

Corey is now assured that she can prosecute Zimmerman for something, anything, if that’s what she chooses to do. She has control. She’s going to need it. The calls for George Zimmerman’s head on a plate will only intensify. Until they don’t. Which is, I suspect, the whole idea.