TTAG Contest: Foghorn Wrote a Book Edition

Yes, you read that right — I wrote a book. I wanted to write something that could act like a longer “Ask Foghorn,” something tangible that you could hand a new shooter and give them all of the information they need. Something that you could give as a gift, and cheap enough that it wasn’t a big financial investment. Something that was short enough to keep their attention, but contained enough information to get them started and on the right track. After months of work, I think I’ve finally done it.

Getting Started with Firearms in the United States clocks in at just over 100 pages packed with content of interest to the new shooter, covering topics form the basic operating parts of a modern firearm to gun store etiquette and range commands. Available both as an actual physical book (available next week from Amazon for $4.99) and a Kindle eBook (for $1.99) it’s my hope that this book will help the next generation of gun owners be the most responsible and knowledgeable generation yet.

The printed proof version came in the mail Wednesday morning, and it was a strange experience to unwrap a book with my name on the cover. There are one or two issues I’m still working out (like the cover design) but the vast majority of the book is finished. And since I don’t need the proof anymore, I figured it would be a great idea to have a little contest and give it away to one of you readers.

CONTEST: This is the source for the cover of my book, a picture I took of every gun in my collection circa early 2011. The first person to ID which gun hasn’t been reviewed on TTAG will receive the proof copy of my book, signed, in their mailbox, along with an extra “gift.” The winning response must have a valid email address attached to the comment to be eligible.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Moonshine7102! The scoped AR-15 in the center, my “Pretty Princess,” has been used for reviews but never actually reviewed itself!