New from Colt: M2012

It seems like precision long range rifles for the commercial market is the new trend. For a long time it was only the Big Names in precision (Barrett, APO, AI…) who were making great long range rifles fresh from the factory. Then Remington entered the market with their XM2010, so far only available for their military and LEO customers but supposedly soon to be on the civilian market. Then FNH USA entered the fray with their Ballista. And now Colt has entered the market with a hot new piece of their own designed to go the distance: the M2012.

I have to admit, I didn’t get many of the details on this gun mainly because I was too busy fondling it and falling in love. But what I remember is that the gun combines the best pieces from a number of different manufacturers to make a .308 Winchester platform that reportedly shoots less than 2″ 5 round groups at 300 yards. It’s a 1:10 twist barrel, comes with a Surefire muzzle brake (more options to come), and even uses a standard magazine which is already on the market and available for sale instead of the proprietary ones used by other manufacturers.And the trigger is just about perfect.

There’s still some details in need of ironing out — straight or twisted fluting, angles on the stock… — but the rifle is set to start full production in about two months.

My opinion? TAKE MY MONEY! Especially with the XM2010 chassis still slated for release “eventually.”

UPDATE: Fortunately, while Nick was busy ogling and drooling, I (Dan) was taking notes on the new M2012-CLR competition rifle. It weighs in at a hefty 13.2 lbs. without an optic. And as Nick mumbled above, it’s a conglomeration of components from a variety of makers.

In addition to the Colt chassis, the gun features a Cooper Firearms receiver, and a Magpul pistol grip. The scope they’re showing with the two prototype guns is form Mepro. MSRP: a cool $3,799.