Knife Confiscation at NRA Annual Meeting

Seeing as the presidential candidates (and their Secret Service friends) are addressing attendees here, when entering the hall where the speakers were speaking yesterday the security detail completely disarmed the entire crowd. We’re talking full TSA-style restrictions here, but unlike being at the airport you get your stuff back when you leave. They had three long tables full of knives and other “dangerous” items at the door waiting for their owners to come back, and it struck me like new dads looking in at the nursery.

There were tags to identify which blade belonged to which OFWG (no offence, there), but even so you needed to identify your own knife and then the security people would verify your claim check and hand it over. It all seemed like it was thrown together at the last minute, and somewhat counter to the whole NRA vibe.


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15 Responses to Knife Confiscation at NRA Annual Meeting

  1. avatarMatt in FL says:

    Surprised they allowed you to photograph the “security protocols.”

  2. avatarMike OFWG says:

    If you knew this in advance, you’d be a moron to bring your knife.

    • avatarChas says:

      If I knew this in advance, I wouldn’t even bother going, just like I don’t patronize businesses that prohibit me from exercising my 2A rights.

  3. avatarPT says:

    Meh. At least they gave you a claim check and gave it back. That seems to be the most sensible thing to do if you are going to disarm people.

  4. avatarRangerbane says:

    +1 like for PT. Makes sense, but with no forewarning, not a good idea.

    And ttag guys, why no “like” or “thumbs up” button?

  5. avatarJon says:

    Enough with the OFWG stuff. It’s unnecessary and divisive. Who do you think bankrolls gun rights organizations and interests like the NRA? I think I understand the purpose for and spirit in which you are using the term, but others may not.

    - Not an OFWG

  6. avatarTom says:

    I am OFWG and proud!
    I have OFWG pride!
    OFWG power!

    Endless possiblilties.

  7. avatarjkp says:

    Sooo….no knifes, therefore, concealed firearm carry allowed at the NRA convention either, eh?


  8. avatarsoccerdad says:

    Really Nick? OFWG? FLAME DELETED

    That said, are you really telling me that at the NRA convention, people were not allowed to CC or OC? Please tell me why I should join this organization.

  9. avatarsoccerdad says:

    wow. THAT was a flame? Me thinks someone’s a little too sensitive. Peace. Out.

  10. avatarsoccerdad says:

    Oh..and Nick? Good luck NOT becoming an OFWG…from your pic, it looks like you are well on your way. (Oh, Mr./Ms. MOD? try not to censor this one, he started it.)

  11. avatarjaipate says:

    FLAME DELETED The NRA did not place the restrictions on knives and guns at the events. The Federal agents were taking the knives before entering the area in which elected officials were speaking. Missouri’s CCW law prohibits carrying in arenas and stadiums seating over 5,000 (Edward Jones Dome)

  12. avatarsoccerdad says:

    1) Was it the federal agents JUST before the events where elected officials and you could carry knives other times? 2) Shouldn’t the NRA pre-planners be spending their convention dollars on cities/places that recognize the right to bear arms? Seems counter productive.

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