Hands-On with the S&W Shield

As expected, the S&W Shield is here at the NRA Annual Meeting, and it’s basically a small version of their existing M&P line. All of the controls and the styling feels familiar, mainly because they’ve been copy-and-pasted from their other M&P pistols. But the most surprising thing is that the gun actually feels comfortable in my hand. The Nano and the CM9 both feel awkward and tiny to me, but this handgun feels just about right.

The issue with this gun is that the gun is copy and pasted from their existing line, including the trigger. The trigger on the M&P has never been known for its glass smooth properties, and the Shield continues that tradition. It’s bumpy and gritty and generally disagreeable, but chances are if you’re trying to defend yourself you won’t mind.

The gun comes in both 40S&W and 9mm (shooter’s choice), and included in the box are both the 7 and 8 round versions of the single stack magazine.