Gear Review: Sawfly Military Eyewear System

There is a huge difference between your basic pair of safety glasses and a “good” pair of safety glasses. And the difference isn’t just in terms of protection, it’s also about optical clarity and image distortion. Especially in a competition or military environment, a bad pair of safety glasses can mean the difference between a hit and a miss. It can also mean the difference between that flying piece of shrapnel being a minor annoyance or a life changing event. That’s where Revision Military and their eyewear come in…

Revision Military makes shooting glasses with the U.S. military in mind, but the same things that make these glasses great for the military also make them great for civilian use.

First things first, safety glasses should provide enough protection for your soft squishy eyes to keep them form being injured. Regular safety glasses that you can pick up from WalMart do that up to a point, but they usually won’t take a round to the face. These, on the other hand, will.

Admittedly it’s only #6 shot, but that can still do some significant damage and even blind a shooter if you aren’t wearing the right gear. I’ve had a couple experiences at competitions where the stage was improperly designed and the spectators were peppered with ricochets from shotgun rounds. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that you’ll need something to stop a shotgun pellet from ruining your eyesight at some point on the range.

After protection, the next major criteria is that the glasses not interfere with your ability to hit the target. Ideally, safety glasses would be completely transparent and not distort the image of your target at all, as any distortion could throw off your aim. Cheap safety glasses will noticeably distort the image you see, but the Sawfly eye protection is crystal clear and doesn’t appear to distort your target.

Having passed the requirements for a good pair of eyewear, Sawfly then goes above and beyond to deliver perfection.

In terms of design, these glasses are damn near the most comfortable thing I have ever worn at the range. The plastic construction has just enough give to mold around your noggin without being painful, and the elastic strap keeps everything in place so you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the glasses. That also means the glasses don’t have to loop around your ears to stay in place – another comfort feature.

Revision also offers a number of additional lenses in multiple colors, and changing them out is as easy as pie. There are no screws or latches on these glasses, simply bend them a little bit and the lenses slide right in and out. Personally I still don’t understand why people need anything except grey and clear lenses, but to each their own. The interchangeable lenses also means that if you scratch your existing lens you can buy a new one much more cheaply ($20) than replacing the entire kit.

Sawfly specs are exactly what you want in safety glasses. Strong protection, comfortable wear, easy use and maintenance and stylish looks. There is a downside though: the price. These puppies aren’t cheap, but it’s a solid investment in the safety of your eyeballs.

Revision Military Sawfly Military Eyewear System
Basic Kit Includes: Clear and grey lens, carry case.
Lens Colors Available: Grey, clear, red, yellow.
Price: $89.99

Overall Rating: * * * * *
Needless to say, Revision isn’t getting these back.