46 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. The wee little man fought back beads of sweat while lining up the sights on the unsuspecting chipmunk. He had been waiting his whole life to bag such a trophy. Success means food for his family. If he misses – the animal’s retribution will be swift.

    …and deadly

  2. Rules of a Gun Fight
    1. Bring a gun.
    2. Bring enough gun.
    2a. More than enough is also acceptable

  3. Epcot Center has just opened it’s “Firearms of the Future” exhibit to the public. The exhibit give park visitors a glips of what top Disney Scientists are calling the handgun of the future. The research team believes that firearms in the year 3000 will be the size of a room and will likely fire hovering cars, instead of bullets.

  4. There are big guns. Then there are really, big, big guns.

    I only have to shoot once with this. (Edit: I most likely won’t be alive to fire a second round)

  5. Jim’s 6000 Nitro Express came in, now he is waiting for the IWB holster so he can conceal carry.

  6. Illinois politicians display the only gun that will be allowed to be carried once the state legalizes CCW.

  7. People travel from far, far away just to gaze upon its sights and stroke its grip. It is – the most interesting gun in the world.

  8. Press Release
    “Ruger has improved on the Big Magnum calibers, with a Big caliber big gun.
    Introducing the new .99 Magnum Super Redblackhawk Super revolver , manufactured and marketed specifically for the OWFG, that doesn’t want to have to retrieve what he shoots, and wears the 4x clothing required to conceal it.”

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