Washington, Where Nothing’s Funnier than Government-Sponsored Gun-Running

The Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a self-congratulatory mutual masturbation marathon that’s ostensibly a “roast” of the President. No matter who’s in the big chair, at best it’s a drunken festival of strained jokes, rictus-like grins and too-hearty knee slaps. Even with Lindsay Lohan in attendance. But as non-threatening as most of the routines are toward the current commander-in-chief, who the majority in the room would be only too happy to fellate if it would mean single-payer healthcare and Priuses for all, Jimmy Kimmel managed to work in a dig at the big guy (ever so tiny as it was) over the Fast and Furious debacle. We’re not so sure how funny the families 0f all of the dead Mexicans would find the joke. And Brian Terry was unavailable for comment. In the mean time, let’s hope Kimmel’s tax returns are all in good order.