Teeing up the NRA

As the city of St. Louis rubs its collective hands together preparing to welcome what one local barkeep calls “red-blooded Americans with good American money,” TTAG’s gearing up to carpet bomb the NRA Annual Meeting with the kind of coverage the Armed Intelligentsia has come to know and expect. And if you can’t stroll the aisles yourself, it’s probably just as well. With 70,000 gun lovers in town combined with the Cardinals’ season-opening series with the the small bears of the north and a couple of hockey playoff games, hotel rooms, cabs and toasted ravioli will be at a premium. But your faithful correspondents are undaunted, ready to bring you news of the industry’s latest and greatest right along with the face-palmingly stupid and inane. Not to mention booth babes. Don’t forget the booth babes. [ED: Nick will have other responsibilities.]